The Mystic Path

Welcome to the Land of Mystic...where inner reality meets the outer...where the hidden becomes known...where Spirit intersects consciousness...where revelation is personal.

The magical, mystical path of life offers infinite treasures to be uncovered. It reveals a vast realm to explore and learn from. You can learn to develop the "gifts of Spirit". You can retrieve your soul's memories and unlock your purpose. You can learn to access your inner guidance. You can tap into higher wisdom and have mystic encounters. You can learn the language of Spirit. And you can purposefully create the life you want.

The mystical journey is the quest for the truth behind the scenes of everyday life. There are invisible forces at work shaping our reality. We are the directors of these energies, making us the masters of our domains.


Without conscious direction, the energy we set in motion can bring unwanted influences into our lives. By understanding metaphysical principles, we can consciously control our environments and reap the rewards of 'right' thinking.

Mysterious occurrences become ordinary when there is an understanding of the truly magical reality in which we live. Within our minds are doorways that connect us to greater realities...the realm of our spirit and soul... "The Kingdom of God is within you."

An open heart is an open mind. They work in unison, each affecting the other, bringing our inner reality to life in our outer world. They unite to form our personalities. Together they design our life experience. The heart connects us to the pulse of the universe - the heartbeat of all life - all love - all intelligence - the Source!


The spirit inside - is wise beyond measure -

the reflection I see - is merely a tether -

of an ancient soul - whose essence is seeded -

within my heart - where it is needed.

I Am that I Am - part of the Divine -

to awaken within - I must align -

to perceive & discover - the being inside -

like a sacred gem - it must be mined.

My walk on Earth - polishes the stone -

so it may gleam - brighter than gold.

To those on the path - my blessing is bared -

for it has no value - unless it is shared.

Come along - take the journey with me -

discover your own - inner harmony.

Awaken your soul - enlighten the world -

there's power in numbers - the truth is your sword!


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